When we talk about big projects, at Patrizia Volpato, the whole team comes alive and enters in a state of pleasant excitement.

Because the creation of a large-scale customised project, such as the one made for Norwegian Cruise Line, is a challenging activity that requires creativity and great technical skills.

All the lighting fixtures of the project must have a common thread, yet they are unique specimens, designed and created specifically for the existing project. The challenge is not only linked to creativity or design, but to the characteristics of the project itself.

Patrizia Volpato has recently engineered and created the lighting of the cruise ship Norwegian Prima – the first of a series of Norwegian Cruise Line.

In this article, we tell you through the words of Patrizia – founder of the brand – and Loris Corro’ – CEO of Patrizia Volpato – how this wonderful lighting project was created.

Watch the video and continue reading the article to find out more.




We seize the opportunity of this wonderful video that illustrates the lighting project created for the Norwegian Prima cruise ship to share with you an interview where Patrizia and Loris Corro’ tell us how this project was born.



Good morning Patrizia and Loris. Patrizia Volpato has a significant and relevant experience with reference to installations and large projects, both in the naval sector – cruise ships and yachts – and in the hotel industry as well as for luxury private villas.



Yes, it’s true, we have created numerous projects, and lighting fixtures for both private residences and luxury hotels and, as you said, cruise ships, including the Norwegian Prima, but that’s not all.

We have tried to expand into various markets and, therefore, currently, we are significantly present in the Russian, American and English markets. We also collaborate with design studios but, above all, we do a lot of work on cruise ships.



What is the contribution of Patrizia Volpato in these projects.

I mean, what is the characteristic feature of Patrizia Volpato’s custom projects?



When we prepare a customised project and do these works, the thing that we always try to bring to our customers is the processing of Murano glass and the processing

coming from a unique city, which is Venice.

Our blown glass chandeliers, our crystal pendant lamps

and our lighting fixtures in general are a combination of craftsmanship

created by trusted Venetian master glassmakers and advanced technology.



How was the lighting project for the Norwegian Prima ship born?



Here in Marghera, we are fortunate to have one of the largest shipyards in Italy and, perhaps, also in the world. And here, the first prototype Norwegian Primaof a new series of ships from Norwegian Cruise Line – was created. Norwegian Cruise Line is a dear customer of ours and for them we were lucky enough to produce the largest order in the history of Patrizia Volpato.

And since it is so convenient, and the yard is even close to our headquarters, it’s always nice to work in the area, in the sense that it is also a question of being practical and functional.



What lighting fixtures, chandeliers, lamps etc., have you created for this cruise ship?



For this beautiful cruise ship, we have created all of the most sought-after and swanky lighting fixtures – the luxurious crystal chandeliers for a restaurant as well as fixtures for all of the common areas.



We illuminated all of the cabins on the ship and all of the most prestigious restaurants

as well as also numerous other smaller areas.



How long did it take to create this lighting project,

from planning to creation to installation?



This project took us a year and involved a large part of our technical and commercial team. We are very proud to tell you about it and show it to you because,

given it was a prototype ship, so many challenges have been solved for the first time,

closely together with the shipowner themselves and with the shipyard.



In the sense that starting from the project to the creation, up to the installation, can there be unknowns, unexpected events, so to speak, which must be resolved on the spot?


Exactly, these are large custom projects.

So, every time, you acquire, learn and design different things, both for the ship,

as well as for a restaurant. When you carry out a project for a ship or a restaurant, the designer also includes a render of a chandelier, so you must be able to design everything from a render; with naval characteristics and civil characteristics, which are two completely different ways of working.




What is the difference between custom lighting design for a restaurant and a ship,

to take your example?



Naval lighting must take into account resistance and vibration characteristics

and, therefore, one must study this part specifically.

For the civil sector, on the other hand, it’s simpler because the chandelier hangs and, once you’ve calculated the weight and resistance of the ceiling, you’re good to go.



What does it mean for Patrizia Volpato to create large projects

like the one just completed for Norwegian Cruise Line?



Developing and carrying out projects of this complexity and with interlocutors from all over the world

 is a challenge that, both for me as an entrepreneur and for our entire team,

certainly, gave us great satisfaction.

And we are happy with the achieved result and with the satisfaction of our customer

for this first prototype which, in fact, is only the first of a series.

We are also proud to bring the tradition of Murano glass to the world

through our pendant chandeliers and our lighting fixtures.



Thanks, Patrizia and Loris for your willingness to talk about this

fantastic custom lighting project and what more can I say?

See you soon with new wonderful bespoke lighting projects!



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