Carnival Sunrise - Carnival Cruise Line

The ship Carnival Triumph of the Carnival Cruise Line, which was built in 1999 and which was hit by a terrible fire inside the engine room in 2013, at the beginning of 2019 underwent an intense and expensive process of refitting that also implied the change of its name into Carnival Sunrise. It can now host 3.730 passengers with a staff of 1.110 professionals, it is 272 metres long and 38 metres large, weighing 101,509 tons. Patrizia Volpato has been asked to create 72 light fittings which were installed in all the elevators halls of the ship. Each fitting is composed by a series of led light rings for a total of 504 rings in 24 karat polished gold, of three different diameters: 60cm, 86cm, 120cm. The global effect is that of a diffused illumination capable of welcoming all guests in a pleasant atmosphere.