DOMHO Project / ELIV technology


Domho “DOMOTICS SYSTEM IOT INTEGRATED WITH A MAJOR CYBER SECURITY FOR SMART BUILDINGS” is the project born in 2017 and its aim is to promote the integration of products thought for smart buildings, domotics and IoT (Internet of Things). The sector regarding the solutions and the technologies dedicated to the automation of buildings is actually continuously growing but needs persistent innovations, incentives and contributions from companies focused on this type of activity.

RIR Venetian Smart Lighting and RIR ICT for Smart and Sustainable Living, The two Regional Innovative Networks involved in the project aim of developing smart lighting and living solutions, by involving different local excellencies such as skilled companies, other than research organizations related to the universities of Venice, Padua and Verona, with a multisectoral approach.

Patrizia Volpato S.r.l. is amongst the partner companies of this ambitious Dohmo project as it is a company highly skilled in the production of prestigious lighting items created for different environments, both commercial ones as well as private ones. With reference to this specific project, our team has carried out several activities of industrial and experimental research on IoT technologies, both hardware and software, particularly interesting for Smart Lighting applications; that is those technologies that enable a flexible and intelligent management, if compared to the traditional and most common one, thanks to the user’s interface that exploits other network-connected appliances. The final aim is energy and management maximum efficiency.

Our company was selected by University of Padua to do some prototype tests at the HIT laboratories – Human Inspire Technology.
HIT is the research center of the University of Padua specialized in the interaction and in the relation between people and different technologies.
In this respect, Within the laboratories of the technological research Center of Padua, in relation to the Domho project, the staff of Patrizia Volpato installed one of its lighting items that integrates ELIV technology.

ELIV (Electronics for Lighting by Local Control) is an electronic system originated from the Network of Companies Luce in Veneto, the leader partner of Domho project, which enables to place lights within the IoT (Internet of Things) universe. Through Wifi protocol in fact, ELIV connects and communicates with smart speakers Amazon Akexa and Google Assistant, all this allows to obtain the total control of any lighting system, wherever you are, in a simple and intuitive way, starting from the switching on of an item to the creation of complex lighting scenarios. All this is possible thanks to a complete range of dimmers, integrated in or external to the lighting item, for the management of any lighting bulb, from the halogen ones to the LED ones.

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